Howdy!! 👋🏻

Welcome to Jigs' Blog!

My name is John Johnson.

But my friends call me Jigs!

About Me

In my spare time I like to learn programming and dabble in math 😝.
I love web development. I’m married to a beautiful, wonderful, and supportive wife. I studied and graduated in computer-science at Utah State University. I loved school and I love my dayjob. I cofound a startup. I’m a full stack web developer.

Tech Stacks


My favorite stack, and what I use at work is:

I love this stack because it’s flexible and pretty typesafe.

This Blog

It’s starting to grow on me. My last platform was Gatsby and although I miss the GraphQL part I do not miss the configuration that came along with Gatsby. It’s a very good platform don’t get me wrong. It just was a little hard to fix all the issues when things went wrong. I like how Astro allows me to import Markdown easily and it comes with great type safety (strictest settings FTW!)

Find Me Elsewhere

Here’s a few places I hang out online:

Oh yeah and I love collecting internet points. 😅

Stack Overflow

Project Euler

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