Written by John D. Johnson II who lives and works in Utah.

Warning: This ones a bit of an unfinished project. A bit of backstory on this project: I was starting to read the book A Programmer's Introduction to Mathematics by Jeremy Kuhn (great book by the way haven't finished it yet but got through atleast the first two maybe three chapters so far). Anyways Jeremy has a challenge after explaining there is a unique polynomial that there is a unique degree n polynomial that goes through n+1 points. He gives the equation as well as pseudo code for writing your own way to find the polynomial. After writing the code and looking at one of the exercises in the end of the chapter I decided to try and use a spline in a drawing application. Anyways long story short I ended up using a Catmull-Rom Spline which is really excellent for getting a smooth curve through a small amount of points. By the way Jigs is my nickname.

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